Date of Graduation

Summer 2017

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Chemistry - Biochemistry

Research Sponsor

Dr. Leah Shriver

First Reader

Dr. Adam Smith

Second Reader

Dr. Claire Tessier


Chiari Malformation Type I is a neurodegenerative trait that can result from disease or from acquiring. Metabolomic analysis was done on normal pressure hydrocephalous and Chiari CSF samples using LC-MS and multiple bioinformatic programs. After analysis from multiple programs, we were able to analyze the stringency in statistical algorithms done by each program and determined qualities that are shared between programs that offer multiple details. We identified dysregulation in glucuronated metabolites in CSF of Chiari versus NPH. Using LC-MS, we established the experimental MS/MS of glucuronic acid in attempt to identify similarities in mass-to-charge features primarily identified. We could not positively identify glucuronic acid dysregulation in Chiari, yet established putatively dysregulated metabolic pathways.