Date of Graduation

Fall 2017

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Music


Music Education - Instrumental Band

Research Sponsor

Dr. Christopher Blaha

First Reader

Dr. Christine Russell

Second Reader

Dr. Andrew Feyes


The goal of music educators is to develop complete musicians who successfully learn and perform all musical concepts. One of the limitations of the band classroom is that performers are required to play a part that is specifically written with the needs of the ensemble in mind, and not the needs of the developing musician. These limitations can be seen in the bass instruments of a band which typically play the harmony or bass-line. While the bass-line and harmony are integral portions of the music, they do not often progress as far as other instrumental parts with respect to the elements of music. Because the bass-line lacks development in the elements of music, the tuba player may not receive a complete musical education. To combat the limitations of band literature, this paper examines an instrumental part with respect rhythm, melody and harmony, and formulates an approach to ensure that all students receive complete musical educations.