Date of Graduation

Spring 2017

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Marketing: Marketing Management Program

Research Sponsor

Kevin Smith

First Reader

Dr. Susan Hanlon

Second Reader

Shon Christy


In this paper, the authors explore experiential learning pedagogy in the context of a business education based on the research of John Dewey (1897), David Kolb (2005), and Scott Wurdinger (2009). In addition to examining the definition of experiential learning and the various implementations of it, this research includes an examination of the business school standards body (AASCB) and of the components in a quality business education. The authors then delve into a literature review of experiential learning, which explores the social structure of education (Dewey, 1897), the process of experiential learning (Kolb, 2005), and specific experiential learning methods (Wurdinger, 2009). Next, the authors detail methods of experiential learning including project-based learning (Schwering, 2015), internships, study-abroad experiences, and finally conclude with a suggested implementation of the above methods. Throughout, references to individual studies like Sugata Mitra’s computer experiment (Mitra, 2001) and the Personal Financial Reporting Project (Arel, Hughes, Sander, 2011) illustrate the possibilities when implementing experiential learning in an educational environment.


Attached at the end of the research is a supplementary case study titled Optimizing Learning through Global Leadership Initiatives: World Master Games 2017. In this paper, the authors address the design and application of a Global Leadership Project at the University of Akron, and draw on previous work in the experiential learning field to demonstrate possibilities for future generations of students.