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2023-05-02 23:42:22


Early Childhood Education

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2017


Researchers and educators have always tried to find which practices are most effective when delivering instruction in the classroom. How instruction is delivered can affect students in a positive or negative way. Students learn various learning techniques in order to better their understanding of the information under study in their classroom. How instruction should be delivered is always under research. Research tells us that differentiating instruction to tailor the needs of each student is an effective technique.

To positively contribute to students’ development, teachers must take time to scaffold students in order to link prior knowledge to new information under study. Teachers in the United States and developing countries across the world tailor to different student audiences which leads to different ways instruction in the classroom is delivered. Research says that schools in the United States have developing diverse classrooms. Schools need to have experienced teachers who promote learning through integrating different cultural practices in the classroom in order to connect prior learning to new information under study. I attended a service project over winter break where we worked in a variety of classroom with teachers and students. This service project gave me the opportunity to study how teachers in a different culture tailored and delivered their instruction to their students.

The teachers shared how they prepare and reflect on their lessons. Students at his school have the opportunity to learn different subject areas such as advanced mathematics, Spanish, and English. Our group did not change the world by helping this school in Haiti, but did help better ourselves by emerging our lives into a different culture in order to better our understanding of a different country.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Mudrey-Camino

First Reader

Dr. Huey-Li

Second Reader

Dr. Mohammed



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