Date of Graduation

Spring 2017

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Food & Environmental Nutrition

Research Sponsor

Jennifer Warren

First Reader

Amy Stevens

Second Reader

Christin Seher


Households that are considered to be food insecure do not receive enough support from government agencies like WIC and SNAP to have access to adequate food sources. These agencies only supply $171 dollars per month per person in a household (Coleman-Jensen et al, 2016). The average person needs nearly $200 worth of food a month. These programs also are not offered to everyone that is considered food insecure. Twenty Seven percent of the 15.8 million food insecure households in America do not receive government assistance for food (Mill et al, 2014). This study looks at how those that need food assistance could have better access to food assistance programs. Individuals that run food pantries across Northeast Ohio were interviewed to gain insight from their perspective. A comprehensive look at how the problem of food insecurity could be lessened by the overwhelming amount of food that is wasted by America every year, nearly forty percent (Gunders, 2012). Suggestions on how this can be accomplished are developed through this study.