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2023-05-02 23:40:25


Mechanical Engineering - Cooperative Education

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2017


Our team of engineers were given the task of coming up with a design project and designing the system, creating calculations, and brainstorming ideas. We set out to design a riding lawn mower lift. The purpose of this design was to assist in general maintenance like replacing blades, oil changes, etc.

To accomplish this task, our team started to brainstorm ideas and make sketches to look at all the options. We then did research and looked at different size lawn mowers and looked at the specifications. This helped our team to be able to design the size of platform needed to accommodate the size of the tractors. Then, calculations were performed to see the lifting power needed for the mower. Once all of the decisions and calculations were made, we designed the 3D model of our design.

As a result, our team of engineers have produced a lawn mower lift concept that is both functional and user friendly. This will help the customer have a more functional and more ergonomically friendly design to work on any repairs. We designed the lift to have the front end lift up significantly more than the back end so the user can change blades on a mower easier. Also the user could make the front and back end level to get under the vehicle to change oil or perform general maintenance with more room to work with under the vehicle. Once the concept was developed, we expanded our capabilities to other small motorized vehicles with four wheels, like four-wheelers, go-carts, or side-by-sides.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Scott Sawyer

First Reader

Dr. Dane Quinn


Three Authors (two not in Honors). Other two:

Brandon Lockhart

Kody Teets



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