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2023-05-02 23:40:07


Interior Design

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Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2017


This research paper is a response to my personal encounters and experience with the homeless and low-income population in Akron, Ohio over the course of my 5 years at the University of Akron. It explores the causes and statistics of poverty and homelessness within the United States and the greater Akron area as well as what is currently being done to aid and reduce this population. Haven of Rest Ministries, one of the largest and most successful shelters in Akron, is showcased for the multitude of services they provide on a daily basis. Referencing the shelter helps to point out just how many people in the community turn to shelters on a typical day. Careful attention paid to the design of a shelter or service center location has the potential to greatly reduce poverty and homelessness. By understanding the causes and the psychological impacts on day-to-day life for low-income households and the homeless population, the architecture and design industry, in conjunction with the government and other organizations, has the potential to greatly reduce this demographic population and enable people to take control of their lives and reach independence and success.

Research Sponsor

Amanda Rura

First Reader

Laura Maher

Second Reader

Sally Antonucci


Research Paper and a Conceptual Shelter Design

Pamphlet_Becker_Honors.pdf (729 kB)
This pamphlet is a visual piece corresponding to the conceptual space plan.

Concept & Space Planning_Becker_Honors.pdf (891 kB)
This is a conceptual space plan design with research application corresponding to the research paper "Designing for a Demographic" by Danielle Becker.



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