Date of Graduation

Spring 2017

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Art - Graphic Design

Research Sponsor

John Morrison

First Reader

Brittyn Dewerth

Second Reader

Dave Flynn


I have spent this semester crafting holiday cards for the patients at Akron Children’s Hospital. I will be printing multiples of the cards to help spread some holiday cheer to the children who are in treatment during the holidays. In my research about art therapy I learned how much children in treatment can benefit from both viewing and creating artwork. For this purpose, I chose to leave the insides of the cards blank with an encouraging note for them to decorate and create their own piece of art on the inside of the cards. Allowing the children a chance to express themselves while they are in the healing process can be extremely beneficial to their recovery.

All the cards I displayed were created digitally so I am able to print multiples of them, but for the majority of the cards I tried to make them feel as handmade as possible through my illustrations to help inspire the patients receiving them to create their own piece by hand on the inside. I tried a variety of different styles for the cards that could appeal to different types of recipients and to create a unique aesthetic to the set.


Third Reader- Dave Szalay