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Statistics - Actuarial Science

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Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2017


This is a report from two surveys that I created and administered to students and faculty at Bierce library who came to the Circulation Desk or the Tech Desk, as well as some of my other findings when periodically looking around the library to see where students like to study or hang-out. There was a written survey given at the Circulation Desk, and a different survey given at the Tech Check-Out Desk. The project is for Melanie Smith-Farrell, the head of Access Services, and is based on a similar study Ian McCullough did in the science library. While this is the Statistics Honors Project, it is more in the vein of a data management/information management project, as data is gathered that reflects the needs of students and faculty and will be given to library decision makers to get materials to serve students. This means there is unfortunately not much room for me to use my stats chops, instead there was a lot of planning going into the survey (with some shortfalls) and a lot of manipulation to get meaningful information from the surveys, and simple demographic information rather than statistical analysis.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Nao Mimoto

First Reader

Dr. Richard Einsporn

Second Reader

Dr. Sujary Datta


The surveys that were handed out appear towards the end of the document. See the table of contents for where they are located. Also the raw data has been uploaded as separate that I manually entered into computers from around 200 surveys.

Tech Data working (1).xlsx (43 kB)
Raw data collected from one survey

circ data working.xlsx (36 kB)
Raw data collected from another survey



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