Date of Graduation

Fall 2016

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Middle Level Education - Language Arts / Mathematics

Research Sponsor

Susan Olson

First Reader

Brandi Noll

Second Reader

Ghada Awad


This project focused its research on how various teachers implement classroom management into their classrooms. The definition of classroom management used for this project is from The Glossary of Education Reform, which says classroom management refers to the “wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers and schools use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive during a class” (Great Schools Partnership, 2014, p. 1). The purpose of this project was to determine how various teachers incorporate classroom management into their classrooms. Two schools were used during this project where two principals were interviewed and three teachers’ classroom management styles were observed and then inquired about with follow-up interviews. One result of this research was the discovery of new methods of classroom management to use in my future classroom. I was able to see how various middle level teachers were successful with their classroom management techniques and why that is. Then I researched what theories supported the use of their techniques from scholarly literature including Building Classroom Discipline (Charles, 2014), Training Our Future Teachers: Classroom Management (Greenberg, Putnam, and Walsh, 2014) and Classroom Management: Research for Beginning Teachers (Borden, 2013). In summary, I conducted a multiple case study that was descriptive and exploratory. I asked the how and why questions of classroom management and learned the theories behind classroom management from scholarly literature.