Date of Graduation

Spring 2016

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts



Research Sponsor

Cydney Spohn

First Reader

Christina Foisie

Second Reader

Alec Lytton


Christine Howe

Major: BFA in Dance

Project Sponsor: Cydney Spohn Number of credits: 2

The Synergists: An Exploration of Choreography, Media, and Science


This research project combined choreography, media, and science as a means to explore creative process. For this project, I created my own interpretation of mixing dance and multimedia elements through the use of video projection. I questioned how the use of video projection would affect my choreographic process and how the video and live performance would support each other to portray a cohesive idea. The scientific source of inspiration included neuron structure and synaptic function. Through my research, I discovered the work of The Blue Brain Project which allowed me to see the creativity and artistry present in scientific fields. The Synergists, a ten minute multimedia work, premiered on April 7, 2016 at Daum Theatre, Kolbe Hall on The University of Akron campus. The video of the work can be accessed on YouTube using this link: The results of this process allowed me to experience many different avenues of choreography. I developed a new choreographic process by using research as a basis for translating scientific ideas into a creative interpretation. The collaborative use of choreography created a strong dance work that was visually exciting and had a clear interpretation of the ideas I had researched.

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Dance Commons