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2023-05-02 18:58:51


Biomedical Engineering - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering / Cooperative Education

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2016


This project is focused on creating a system to increase patient satisfaction in hospitals. My senior design team has been working hand in hand with the emergency department of Akron General to design this system called EMlighten. The goal is to create an experience for patients where they exit the hospital feeling more satisfied than they currently are. Patient satisfaction is a key performance indicator used by many hospitals to determine how much additional funding each hospital department is granted. If patients feel more satisfied, not only is that indicative of better care, but departments will receive extra funding. EMlighten works by alerting staff in an unobtrusive manner (red light) X number of minutes have passed since a patient has been visited by any staff. Staff will respond to the alert by inquiring on the patient’s wellbeing and resetting the system via a motion sensor, or RFID card reader, (EMlighten is equipped for both). The cycle will then continue until the patient’s stay ends. We hypothesize the system will increase patient satisfaction without adding a stressful amount of work to staff members’ current duties.

Research Sponsor

James Keszenheimer

First Reader

Mary Verstraete

Second Reader

Lawrence Dean Noble



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