Date of Graduation

Spring 2016

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts in Education


Adolescent to Young Adult - Integrated Language Arts

Research Sponsor

Dr. Harold Foster

First Reader

Dr. Denise Stuart

Second Reader

Dr. Angela Bilia


This project explores the field of young adult literature, while also discovering the creative writing process required to develop a young adult novel. The project is organized into three separate parts. Part One focuses on young adult writers and the literature they create, along with the benefits of using these novels in a high school classroom. To benefit my future career as a future writing teacher, I researched the process required to write a fiction novel, specifically one in the young adult genre. Within this section, sources are cited such as experienced teachers and the scholarship on young adult literature. Part Two includes diary entries I kept as I wrote and developed my own young adult novel. These pages are comprised of my thoughts and discoveries not only as a writer, but as a future educator as well. For example, I found that certain tools I used to develop my own themes and characters could also be used in my future classroom as part of a writing workshop. This section also includes a series of major findings and insights I have learned through the writing process. Part Three contains an excerpt from the Young Adult novel I developed over the course of the Fall 2015 semester.