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Management - Information Systems Management

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Spring 2017


The following reports discuss the geographical preferences of Millennials in relation to job selection preferences. Our team analyzed the moving trends of Millennials in both Ohio and the United States to determine what factors influence this decision. Collectively, our team concluded that in order to successfully recruit Millennials, companies must offer benefit packages that center around work-life balance. This entails not just highlighting what a job requires technically, but opportunities for leadership development, social activities outside of work, and more. To recruit this upcoming talent, companies need a holistic approach that convinces Millennials that working for their company creates a great life, not just a great professional career. Our team then created a mock website ( that features relocation information for prospective employees moving to Northeast Ohio. A pilot usability test and focus groups were conducted to analyze the site’s efficiency, functionality, and ease of use. This service was then pitched to J.M. Smucker Company employees for their review.

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Dr. Hanlon

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Mr. Andy Platt

Primary Research Paper.docx (1366 kB)
Primary Research Methodology and Findings

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Presentation of Service Offering



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