Date of Graduation

Spring 2016

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Applied Mathematics - BS/MS

Research Sponsor

Dr. Curtis Clemons

First Reader

Dr. Kevin Kreider

Second Reader

Dr. Gerald Young


In this thesis, a one dimensional model is developed to investigate the initial stages of corrosion in a fastener assembly consisting of a stainless steel fastener and aluminum 7075 as the plate. Di fferential equations are formulated and solved to determine the profiles for the potential, the oxygen concentration, and the aluminum ion concentration in the crevice, and also the potential in the bulk electrolyte. This fastener system exhibits galvanic corrosion, pitting corrosion, and crevice corrosion. It is found that the potential decreases monotonically down the length of the crevice, the oxygen concentration decreases exponentially down the length of the crevice, and the aluminum ion concentration builds up away from the mouth of the crevice. It is conjectured that the location of maximum aluminum ion concentration is where the most severe corrosion will occur. A parameter study is also done to study the eff ect of changes to the diff usivity, crevice width, and other parameters on the model calculations.