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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Spring 2016


Professional nursing values that affect patient safety and outcomes are important to the hospitals and facilities that hire nurses. Therefore, it is reasonable to be concerned with the consistency of professional value development within nursing education. The aim of this study was to determine level differences of professional nursing values in pre-nursing, sophomore, junior, and senior baccalaureate nursing students and examine the relationship between professional values and other demographics in the students. Benner’s novice-to-expert model served as a framework for this study. With this in mind, nursing values were evaluated with the 26-item Nurses Professional Values Scale-Revised. A non-experimental cross-sectional design was used to collect data from pre-nursing, sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate nursing students. Findings revealed greater similarities than differences across the level differences in values; the hypothesis that each level of nursing school education would result in an increase in professional values was not supported.

Keywords: professional nursing values, undergraduate nursing students

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Dr. Christine Graor, Dr. Lori Kidd

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Dr. Carol Scotto

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Mrs. Jaqueline Guhde, Mrs. Cheryl Owen

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