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2023-05-02 18:55:50



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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2016


Rock samples were collected from the Tensleep formation in the Seminoe Mountains located in Carbon County, Wyoming. These samples were analyzed to determine the deformation mechanisms operating during small scale displacement faulting. There are three distinct zones included in the sample which includes the undeformed Tensleep, fine grained layers with grain size variation, and porous layers with grain size variation. The microstructures in the fine grained layer were consistent with deformation by crystal plastic deformation mechanisms; whereas, the microstructures in the porous layer were consistent with brittle deformation mechanisms. The microstructures in these rocks are nearly identical to those observed in large displacement carbonate faults, indicating that the evolution of microstructures on carbonate faults occurs at low displacements.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Caleb W. Holyoke III

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Dr. James Thomka

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Dr. John Beltz

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Geology Commons



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