Date of Graduation

Spring 2016

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Art - Metalsmithing

Research Sponsor

Sherry Simms

First Reader

Sofia Calderwood

Second Reader

Kate Budd


This research was based on an introspective view of one's inner dialogue and the science behind when it came into existence for all of us, and why we continue to use it as adults

Artist Statement:

This body of work originated in the shower, where my best and worst thoughts are conjured. My constant stream of thoughts are typically about the connections I have with the people in my life- friends, family, people no longer in my life, and those who have passed. I consistently try to organize my thoughts and feelings.

Some friendships are constant and stable, and I know that I can always rely on them. Other relationships have been constricting, not allowing self-growth . The recent loss of a friend has also made me realize that my mind isn’t always capable of comprehending every given situation. Sometimes the ability to clarify becomes moot.

The gathering of hair in the shower drain for me is a metaphor for the accumulation of my thoughts in the shower. Each of my pieces are about organizing and processing these thoughts. A connection between me and people in my life, past or present, is represented differently in each piece. Individual relationships or situations call for an individual play between the hair and morphed drain. The visual literacy of my pieces being displayed on bathroom tile allows the viewer to step into a personal setting in which to read my thoughts. I just want you to know, you shouldn’t be reading these.