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2023-05-02 18:58:23



Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2016



There are preconceived notions that homeschooled students suffer both academically and socially, especially in the college setting. The purpose of this study is to explore the lived experience of academic and social transition from homeschooling to a public university in homeschooled students. A phenomenological approach is used, which addresses individuals’ unique experiences and interpretations of those experiences based on their upbringing. A qualitative design is used in this study with semi-structured interviews in which participants were asked to talk about their social and academic transition experiences. The sample group includes previously homeschooled students that currently or previously attended a public university. Each interview was based on an identical series of open-ended questions and participants were encouraged to expand on their background. The data were then analyzed and reduced based on patterns that best represent the academic and social transition from homeschooling to a public university. Analysis revealed common themes of academic excellence, changes in socialization, and maintaining connection with family support networks. These results may provide insight into the experience of homeschooled students and their experience of the transition, for family members, or academic staff who provide support to these young adults during transition.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Christine Heifner Graor

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Lisa Hart

Second Reader

Karyn Morgan



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