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Dietetics - Didactic Program

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2016


This project is a community-based program conducted in a local community center, First Glance. It specifically worked with the Teen Mom and Young Mom programs as well as with their children in the Tiny Glancers program. Over the course of a year the authors planned, created, and implemented an interdisciplinary nutrition education unit with the objective of increasing their nutrition and health awareness while providing support in education fundamentals such as math skills and social-cultural awareness. The unit included pre-assessment surveys as well as round-table discussions with the participants to establish base knowledge, correlating yet age-appropriate lessons for the moms and their children, and a post-assessment to see what the participants retained.The curriculum was delivered over the period of 16 weeks and had over 25 participants throughout the unit. While limited by barriers such as socioeconomic status, access to healthy foods, support, education level, etc., the results in participation and change seen in habits and knowledge implied that this approach to nutrition education and the math and cultural components that accompany it succeeded in helping the participants have better nutrition awareness and application of their new knowledge.

Research Sponsor

Christin Seher

First Reader

Denise Stuart

Second Reader

Larry Weigle

Breakfast Handout.pdf (156 kB)
10 Minute Breakfast hand out

3D1.pdf (77 kB)
Example of Lesson 1 student take away

3D2.pdf (81 kB)
Example of Lesson 2 student take away

3D3.pdf (77 kB)
Example of Lesson 3 student take away

3D5.pdf (73 kB)
Example of Lesson 5 student take away

3D6.pdf (71 kB)
Example of Lesson 6 student take away

3D7.pdf (87 kB)
Example of Lesson 7 student take away

Habits.pdf (76 kB)
Example of Health Habits cards

TG Challenge .pdf (78 kB)
Example of Tiny Glancer Challenge card

Young Mom Score Sheet.pdf (73 kB)
Example of Score Sheet for grocery store challenge



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