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2023-05-02 18:45:44



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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Spring 2016



The topic of the long-term impact of breast milk and formula milk composition on the health status of children continues to be a focus of discussion and research. The aim of this systematic review is to describe and critically appraise current evidence regarding the lasting effects of breastfeeding on health outcomes in children throughout early and late childhood. Twenty-one studies focusing on infant feeding were identified using PubMed, CINAHL, and Medline databases. These studies were then categorized according to health outcomes such as: weight, developmental, and immune system effects. Through a critical appraisal of this evidence, it was found that children who were breastfed had improved outcomes compared to those who were formula fed. From these results, recommendations were made in regards to nurses promoting breastfeeding within the clinical setting, which will be further discussed within the systematic review.

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Michele Enlow

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Debra Horning

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Marilyn Nibling



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