Date of Graduation

Winter 2015

Document Type

Honors Research Project



Research Sponsor

Kevin Smith

First Reader

Susan Hanlon

Second Reader

Theresa Beyerle


This paper explores the process of our leadership experience project on the topic of community gardens. Initially, our proposed research question was where in Akron area is the best location to build a community garden? Based on the primary and secondary research conducted, building a community garden would not be feasible or needed. Our conclusion showed that the real need and importance within the community was an education program on the topic of community gardens rather than planting a real garden. Therefore, the research question was revised to develop an education program focusing on healthy eating, victory gardens, and pollination for students within the Akron Public School District. There were implications and leadership lessons learned throughout the course of this project. Our findings and education program will leave a lasting impact in the community, especially, for organizations such as Let’s Grow Akron and the Summit Food Policy Coalition who will continue to use our materials.