BNSF Railway Crew Transportation and Dispatch

Andrew Deneher, University of Akron Main Campus


Andrew Deneher

Major: Supply Chain Operations Management

Project Sponsor: Dr. Mahesh Srinivasan

Number of Project Credits: 3

BNSF Railway Crew Transportation and Dispatch

During the summer of 2014, I interned with the transportation department of the BNSF Railway at Alliance Yard in Fort Worth, TX. During my time with BNSF, I was tasked with studying the crew van transportation system of the company, particularly on the company’s Texas Division, so that I might identify critical areas of improvement. Based on my three-month analysis and observance of these operations, I was able to find many inefficiencies and areas of improvement, specifically the areas of dispatching and communication. Based on these observations and combined with my secondary research, I have come up with a number of solutions that I feel would add value to the company by reducing inefficiencies and waste, and improving communication. These solutions include the implementation and increased usage of advanced AVL and CAD systems at BNSF, the use of more effective management techniques and oversight, the elimination of dispatching service provider, Travelliance, and the restructuring of the number of vans per shift within the Alliance rail yard. I believe that through these changes, BNSF will see a reduction in its operating costs while simultaneously increasing the value of its assets.