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2023-05-02 17:03:37


Music - Woodwinds Performance

Degree Name

Bachelor of Music

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2015


This project is an exploration of the relatively short history of the classical saxophone genre. It will focus mainly on the styles created by Marcel Mule, the second professor of saxophone at the Paris Conservatory, and Larry Teal, the first full-time professor of saxophone in America. Mule and Teal’s contrasting ideas of playing and teaching created distinct French and American schools of classical saxophone playing. This project explores the similarities and differences between these two schools of thought, and places them each in historical and cultural contexts. In addition, it traces the subsequent lineage of prominent saxophone performers and pedagogues, and looks for evidence that the French and American schools can still be detected in today’s prominent saxophonists.

Research Sponsor

Todd Gaffke

First Reader

Brooks Toliver

Second Reader

Ann Usher



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