Date of Last Revision

2023-05-02 17:04:02


Art - Studio Emphasis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2015


This project is composed of numerous pocket-sized cards, designed to be conveniently portable navigation tools. Each in this series bears a small drawing of a forageable food and a map of the location where the item can be found locally in the city of Akron. The cards also contain references to nearby points of interest, historical sites, and local folklore. The information has been compiled in a non-linear format, creating an opportunity for exploration of the area in an unconventional manner. This approach is intended for logical and imaginative engagement --in addition to delighting the tastebuds, thus making the pieces amount to more than a simple field guide. My intent is that the cards will be used to expand knowledge of the city of Akron’s land and food sources (including issues of seasonality and waste) while also developing a sense of community.

Research Sponsor

Donna Webb

First Reader

Gediminas Gasparavicius

Second Reader

Laila Voss



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