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2023-05-02 14:19:17

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2015


The primary purpose of this paper is to discuss the repositioning of the Folgers brand through a new and improved Brand Pyramid and two strategic recommendations. In order to come to these conclusions, the group utilized secondary research to gain a background on the coffee industry as a whole, the acquisition of the Folgers brand by Smucker’s, the competition relative to Folgers in the coffee market, a social media analysis focusing on the competitors, and finally research regarding the Millennial generation. The conclusions from this secondary research led to the methodology used in order to come up with the new pyramid and recommendations. This methodology included two surveys, the first being sent out to friends and relatives through the use of social media, and the second which utilized the tool Survey Monkey Audience, which was sent to a paid panel of 18-34 year-old coffee drinkers. A stipend of $500 was utilized by the group in order to use the survey resources and to provide monetary rewards to participants in said surveys.

Research Sponsor

Andrew G. Platt

First Reader

Susan C. Hanlon

Folgers The New Era of Coffee Presentation.pptx (4225 kB)
This presentation was given to representatives from The J.M. Smucker Company on April 17th, 2015.

Presentation Supplemental Materials.pptx (2041 kB)
These slides were handed out to audience members during our main presentation, Folgers: The New Era of Coffee.



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