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2024-06-04 07:04:31



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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2024


This research project for the Williams Honors College sought to examine how local pond-breeding amphibians utilized natural, restored, and created wetlands. Presence/absence data was gathered from field surveys, historical records, and iNaturalist data for the six study sites. It was predicted that created and restored wetlands may support less sensitive species with lower coefficient of conservatism scores, based on past surveys of a similar nature. No statistically significant results were found in this survey, but that could be due to low sample sizes and limited data sets, among other considerations. Therefore, more in-depth studies should still be undertaken to examine this question in our local ecosystems. Restoration and habitat creation are becoming more common practices as natural spaces are lost and climate change worsens. When restoring and creating wetland habitat, more considerations should be made for sensitive, pond-breeding species, and extra care should be taken to not cause harm via hydrology changes, human disturbance, introduction of predatory species, etc. In Ohio, our wetland protections and restoration practices likely need an overhaul to truly support and protect sensitive, pond-breeding amphibian species.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Randy Mitchell

First Reader

Dr. Peter Niewiarowski

Second Reader

Dr. Lara Roketenetz

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Brian Bagatto

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