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2024-06-04 07:26:18



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DNCE 457

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Bachelor of Fine Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2024


This project explores parental relationships with a focus on mother-daughter relationships. I want to focus on the attachment between a parent and a child, and how mental illness and abuse from the other parent affect that relationship. This project derives from a deep love for my mother and the changes between us that I noticed as I grew older. I hope to create a choreographed work that explores our relationship with a hope of creating a stronger bond that suits our new relationship and who we are as people now. I want this dance to aid in our reconnection.

I will include academic research on parental relationships that gets integrated into the choreography, but I chose dance as the main method of exploration and research because a research paper alone will not do this topic justice. This topic has emotions, stories, and entire livelihoods involved, and dance is a great way to explore and portray these elements. This project will be an intersection of academic research and the ways choreography can be a medium to bring that research to life.

Research Sponsor

Christine Howe

First Reader

Alec Lytton

Second Reader

Dr. Hillary Nunn

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Marc Reed

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The link to the performances is at the end of the research paper.

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Dance Commons



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