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2024-06-04 07:26:13


Adolescent to Young Adult

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2024


Algebra I is the first high school mathematics class students take making it an important building block in the student’s growing mathematical foundation. Mitigating any losses in knowledge over the summer by using educational review tools has been proven helpful in previous studies. Every student comes from a different background, socioeconomic class, ethnicity, culture, etc., allowing each student to have a different summer experience. A meta-analysis looking into the concern of Summer Learning Loss (SLL) found that while some of its sample size would make summer knowledge gains, more than half of the sample size was projected to suffer from SLL (Atteberry & McEachin, 2020). This emphasizes the need to close the gap between these two groups. One study focusing on younger students, found that after implementing a math app regime for twelve weeks, the children demonstrated greater math learning improvements compared to the control of no app usage (Outhwaite et al., 2019). This information can be applied to Algebra I. Utilizing a summer mathematical course can be hypothesized to mitigate SLL in pre-algebraic content and leave students better prepared for Algebra I. Based on the Common Core State Standards and the Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics, a basic outline of an asynchronous Algebra I preparation summer course was Developed. The course uses Desmos Classroom to deliver 6 lessons. These lessons are created to review knowledge learned throughout middle school mathematics to prepare students for Algebra I and to give teachers insight into any gaps in knowledge the students may have.

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Dr. Lynne Pachnowski

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Dr. Linda Saliga

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Dr. Timothy O'Neil

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Dr. Lynne Pachnowski

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