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2024-06-04 07:26:08


Biomedical Science

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2024


This project centers around transposable elements (TEs), specifically those found in crustacean species. While transposable elements have been a growing area of interest in the scientific community for some time, the information surrounding the present state of TEs in the field of crustacean biology is limited. This project seeks to shed light on this area of study. It will focus on the relationship between TEs and crustacean evolution, and TE prevalence in crustaceans. TE studies will be categorized by these general themes as well as crustacean taxa. It will seek to answer the research question: What is known about the evolutionary relationship between transposable elements and crustaceans? Additionally, what research currently exists surrounding transposable elements in crustaceans regarding the prevalence of transposable elements in crustaceans?

Research Sponsor

Dr. Stephen Weeks

First Reader

Dr. Robert Duff

Second Reader

Dr. Richard Londraville

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Brian Bagatto

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Biology Commons



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