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Criminology and Criminal Justice

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CRJU: 498

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Spring 2024


This paper outlines the problem of historical underrepresentation of women in the police force and its potential impact on police culture, effectiveness, and community relations. This paper aims to investigate the importance of gender diversity within law enforcement.

The research framed the context of organizational behavior and diversity management, exploring how gender diversity affects group dynamics, organizational culture, and policing. The literature review covered historical trends in gender diversity in policing, challenges faced by women in the profession, and the influence of gender diversity on police culture.

The methodology involved an extensive literature review, case studies from different regions, and triangulation of data to ensure the reliability of results. The research questions focused on the extent of gender diversity within the police force, its effects on police culture and organizational dynamics, and its implications for community relations and public trust. By advancing gender equality in law enforcement we can establish police forces that mirror the diverse communities they serve, ultimately strengthening public trust and safety.

Case studies examined the influence of women on policing effectiveness and the obstacles they face. Data analysis included identifying cases where the presence of women has positively impacted policing and summarizing relevant literature. The project's contributions include providing a comprehensive understanding of gender diversity in the police force, investigating its impact on police culture, and offering recommendations for promoting gender diversity within law enforcement agencies to create a more inclusive and effective police force.

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David Licate

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Daniela Jauk-Ajamie

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Charles Waehler

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David Licate

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