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2024-06-04 07:23:05


Political Science

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2024


Because there is little existing research specifically about Generation Z civic engagement in higher education in the United States, comparisons must be made with research about different generations’ voting and civic engagement patterns, specifically Millennials, since they share many similarities with Gen Z, and Gen Z civic engagement in different countries. This, paired with survey data and statistics about Gen Z civic engagement, provide a strong foundation for this project. To supplement this literature review, interviews with industry professionals were held to learn more about the environment of Gen Z civic engagement on college campuses. From these different sources of information, recommendations were written on how to improve Gen Z civic engagement in higher education. Those recommendations included, but were not limited to, increasing the amount of research in this subfield, encouraging more, and more diverse young people into the fold of politics, and stronger institutional and sustained commitment to this cause.

Research Sponsor

Dr. J. Cherie Strachan

First Reader

Dr. Nancy Marion

Second Reader

Dr. Gregory Wilson

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ron Gelleny

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*NOTE* Transcripts of all interviews mentioned in this research paper are available upon request.



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