Date of Graduation

Spring 2015

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Theatre Arts

Research Sponsor

Jim Slowiak

First Reader

Adel Migid

Second Reader

Chris Harisz


Festivals like the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival allow students an intensive hands-on experience with theatrical principles seen in the professional theatrical world. There are many aspects of professional theatre, and at times, colleges that offer theatrical degrees cannot offer the full scale of practical experience needed to succeed in theatre as a profession. After outlining and analyzing three years of festival experience, it can be seen that festivals help to create a greater understanding of what is needed to work in theatre professionally. One must understand organization and management structure, as well as the fundamentals of acting, directing, and other basic theatrical principles. Theatre students should be required to attend a professional theatrical festival, to help further education and preparation for theatre as a profession.