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2024-06-04 06:51:19



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ECON 497-001

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2024


Air Quality significantly impacts public health, particularly for individuals with respiratory issues. Cap-and-trade (CAT) programs aim to mitigate emissions, focusing on greenhouse gases to improve air quality. This paper evaluated the long-run effectiveness of CAT programs, comparing multi-sector and single-sector initiatives, and their impact on air quality across counties with varying economic statuses. Using a difference-in-difference approach, comprehensive data spanning recent years up to 2023 is analyzed. The dataset includes air quality measures, population, personal income, average temperature, precipitation, and vehicle registrations enabling a thorough examination of the programs’ effects. Results reveal a complex relationship. Both programs’ initiatives create a decrease in good air quality days for poor counties. The multi-sector programs demonstrate a more significant reduction in negative air quality days, such as moderate and very unhealthy, particularly benefiting poor counties. Conversely, poor counties with single-sector programs experience an increase in negative air quality. The results from this work conclude that multi-sector programs are more beneficial for poor counties, yet all program types need to make changes for maximum impact.

Research Sponsor

Sucharita Ghosh

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Dr. Nicholas Glenn

Second Reader

Dr. Ai Enami

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ali Enami

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