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2024-06-03 12:59:56


Computer Information Systems

Honors Course


Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2024


Computer networking is extremely valuable and is essential to modern infrastructure and life. Due to this fact, network security is also extremely vital and is also constantly under attack due to how precious information is in the modern world. In order to set up network security and harden systems from attack, many organizations establish guidelines, standards and techniques to defend against such threats. There is also the major issue of needing to constantly test these different standards and procedures regarding network security as if these security measures are not tested, the danger of potential threats is exponential. This project seeks to determine whether or not current organization standards and guidelines regarding network security and network hardening are strong enough against current cyber threat actors using a basic secure and virtually created network. To accomplish this goal, it uses a virtualized basic but secure network for study purposes along with using penetration techniques to test the security features of the network. After determining whether or not the current guidelines are enough to defend against threats, suggestions of what could be improved upon and examinations into why certain guidelines are not followed closely enough when it comes to network security.

Research Sponsor

Nadhem Ebrahim

First Reader

Stanley Smith

Second Reader

John Hoag

Honors Faculty Advisor

Janet Kropff

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