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2024-06-03 12:05:08


Political Science

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2024


ISIS, a Salafi-jihadist terrorist organization stationed in the Middle East, has had its fair share of "successes" and "failures," both of which have been present in Iraq. Toward the beginning of the development of ISIS, it garnered a very powerful supporter base in Iraq. However, that has changed since then; ISIS currently, in 2024, no longer has the support of the vast majority of the Iraqi people. What is the reason for this? This research paper will seek to analyze and answer two major questions: what role does the Iraqi Sunni population play in ISIS’s trajectory of successes and failures in Iraq? And why would the Iraq Sunni population support ISIS in the first place?

Research Sponsor

Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler

First Reader

Dr. Travis Hreno

Second Reader

MR. Donray Bennett

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ronald Gelleny

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