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2024-01-17 07:06:54


Mechanical Engineering

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Bachelor of Science

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Fall 2023


There is a known issue that occurs in wind turbine main shaft bearings, among other bearing types and applications during transportation or while the turbine is powered on, but the bearing is not spinning. This issue is damage that is confined to mostly the raceways but can damage the rollers over time. It is called false brinelling and is a material removal from the raceways due to repeated tiny vibrations of the rollers over the same area. A question was posed on whether black oxide surface treatment could reduce false brinelling wear on bearings in this application, and as a result this project was created to research the impact of black oxide on mitigating false brinelling wear and fretting wear, which can mimic false brinelling at small enough loads and magnitudes of reciprocation. A false brinelling testing rig will be used, as will a reciprocating tribometer. Six possible testing conditions, with three greases and two surfaces (untreated bearing steel or black oxide surface treatment) will be used for this testing.

Research Sponsor

David Peters

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Christina (Tina) Grassi

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Ashton Orosa

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D. Dane Quinn

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Tribology Commons



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