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2024-01-17 07:06:25


Mechanical Engineering

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Honors Project in Mechanical Engineering

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Bachelor of Science

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Fall 2023


For my Honors Research Project I am taking a more personal route and looking to solve a childhood question/issue by designing a board that is small and easy to transport while also giving the best bounce pass possible. My proposed project would be a board that a soccer player can play a bounce pass onto and receive the ball from. The base of this design sounds simple enough, however, I would like to implement a way that the board can be adjusted to alter the angle of return of the soccer ball after the bounce. I also want to design a way for the board to be foldable and potentially connectable between multiple units. All while the board stays steady and unmoved throughout the impact with the pass. I wanted to integrate both soccer and engineering into my research project as those are the two areas that have influenced my career here at the University of Akron and I am not sure there is a better fit than solving a problem I have been faced with since I was a kid training on his own at the soccer fields.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Kai Kwon

First Reader

Dr. Yogesh Singh

Second Reader

Dr. Matthew Juravich

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Dane Quinn

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Pleased to work on a project that I have been wanting to make since I was a kid. The concept may be small but the work and effort put into it is not. The implementation of a product like this is needed in the world of soccer as well .. to help kids that wanted to make it to the next level but could only train on their own (like myself).

I have attached both a .docx and .pdf file of final report for convenience.



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