College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Date of Last Revision

2023-07-31 08:30:14


Computer Information Systems

Honors Course

CISS 490 CIS Senior Networking Projects

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Summer 2023


This report demonstrates the collection of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network device information using Ansible and explains the limitations identified performing such a procedure. Maintaining dynamic documentation of network information using automation would benefit network security with improvements to attack surface visibility and cyberattack incident response time. After the procedure was conducted, it was determined that Ansible alone is incapable of producing the intended information base due to the way it handles numerical variables. This report identifies limitations in Ansible’s ability to manipulate large quantities of network information and necessitates further discussion regarding what Ansible can and should be used for.

Research Sponsor

Janet Kropff

First Reader

Stanley H. Smith

Second Reader

Douglas Hubert

Honors Faculty Advisor

Janet Kropff

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