College of Engineering and Polymer Science

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2023-05-08 17:27:18


Aerospace Systems Engineering

Honors Course


Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2023


This project focuses on the aerodynamic analysis of airfoils for quadcopter applications, aiming to optimize the performance of quadcopters through the selection and analysis of various 3D printed airfoil profiles. Quadcopters are unmanned aerial vehicles with four rotors arranged in a symmetric configuration. Each diagonal pair rotates in the same direction, allowing the offset to ensure the quadcopter remains level. The airfoil selection is crucial as it impacts aerodynamic performance, stability, and efficiency. The parameter of interest in these airfoils is maximum thrust and settling thrust produced, along with material wear of the propellers themselves. The testing of thrust production was done with the construction of a fish scale thrust stand. This was built with wood, a bearing, rubber padding, a scale, and various 3D printed custom components. Furthermore, the findings of this research can be utilized in the design and optimization of quadcopter platforms for various applications outside of academic studies.

Research Sponsor

Manigandan Kannan

First Reader

Saikishan Suryanarayanan

Second Reader

Aaron Trexler

Honors Faculty Advisor

Manigandan Kannan

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