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2023-05-06 08:10:57



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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2023


This project aims to challenge the appropriateness of the methodological strategies and tools utilized within psychological research. We will look at the types of statistical modeling used and the context in which they are used, such as measurement modeling, confirmatory factor analysis, and bifactor analysis within survey development, as well as the use of psychological constructs such as extraversion and leadership. The objective of this research is to search for and recognize patterns from the content of some of the top journal articles in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. The information gained from analyzing the content of the journal articles will be used to create a qualitative assessment regarding when and how tools and strategies are being used in the IO field at the moment, and to provide considerations for future research methodologies.

Research Sponsor

Andrea Snell

First Reader

Katie Rosneck

Second Reader

Steven Holthouser

Honors Faculty Advisor

Charles A. Waehler

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