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2023-05-08 16:47:24


Biomedical Science

Honors Course

Biol 499

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Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2023


According to Wolff’s law, bone is constantly subject to change based on loading patterns (Ruff et al., 2006). Those subjected to greater stress become more robust by increasing bone mineral density and often changing geometric properties. Previous studies of primate anatomy have found significant differences in bone robustness between the fore- and hindlimbs in adult leaping primates. Because leaping primates, such as Galago senegalensis and Galago moholi, subject their hindlimbs to much greater stress, this difference in robustness may come as a result of bone functional adaptation/Wolff’s law. This study sought to investigate this possibility by testing neonatal and infant primates which would not mature enough to subject their bones to any significant loading stress. Seven infant and five neonatal G. senegalensis and G. moholi had their bones extracted, and then subjected to micro CT scans and three-point bending testing. Our data shows that the hindlimbs of Galagos display more robust geometric properties when compared to their forelimbs, however, it did not find any difference in either the material properties or whole bone properties. These findings demonstrate that some of the observed differences in robustness are present from birth and may be attributed to genetic or epigenetic factors.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Jesse Young

First Reader

Brian Bagatto

Second Reader

Henry Astley

Honors Faculty Advisor

Brian Bagatto

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