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Chemical Engineering

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Spring 2023


The motivation and objectives of this project is to examine the mechanisms of intergranular corrosion (IGC) and pitting corrosion of sensitized AA5083. In this regard, different characterization techniques were used, including optical analysis of microstructure, cyclic potentiodynamic polarization with Tafel fitting, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with electrical equivalent circuit (EEC) fitting, and potentiostatic current transient monitoring. The transition from IGC to pitting corrosion occurs when the grain boundaries become saturated with the β-phase (Mg2Al3). It was found that AA5083 becomes more vulnerable to pitting corrosion as the degree of sensitization increases.

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David Bastidas

First Reader

Jacob Ress

Second Reader

Roya Gitiafroz

Honors Faculty Advisor

Zhenmeng Peng

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