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2023-05-06 07:52:39


Chemical Engineering

Honors Course


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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2023


Building on previous research, this project aims to continue the investigation of the wettability of various liquids on a uniform, texturized surface. Different surface energies can impact the wettability of a surface. The surface can be hydrophilic, hydrophobic, or in between. The goal of this project is to research how features of texturized surfaces affect the wetting transition of water, oil, and a mixture of both. Additionally, this project aims to improve the quality of the 3D printed surfaces. The surfaces that will be studied are constructed using UV cured resin 3D printing and are made up of an array of uniform, microscopic pillars. The properties of the surface that will be evaluated are the pillar height, diameter, and treatment by silane modifiers. During testing the surface will be monitored by optical microscopy to observe how much time it takes for the wetting transition to occur when the liquid is placed on the surface. The wetting transition is defined by the transition from the non-wetting state (Cassie-Baxter's state), where the grooves/cavities are occupied by air, to the wetting state (Wenzel's state) where the liquid occupies the grooves/cavities.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Bi-min Zhang Newby

First Reader

Dr. Roya Gitiafroz

Second Reader

Dr. Lu-Kwang Ju

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Bi-min Zhang Newby

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