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2023-05-08 15:54:10


Chemical Engineering

Honors Course

CHEE 497

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2023


In order to facilitate fast, equitable, and effective sublicensing to University of Akron technology startups, spinoffs, and spinouts, an express license was developed. This expresses license was developed by benchmarking existing terms in order to determine market rates. Universities, venture capital firms, and nonprofits were interviewed in order to establish a set of best practice guidelines for the creation of the express license. These results were then tabulated and statistically analyzed in order to determine a series of startup friendly terms that support the University of Akron’s interests. A series of express licenses were then developed from this data. These express licenses outline specific values for the equity consideration, royalty rate, sublicense considerations, minimum annual royalties, upfront fees, and antidilution measures.

Research Sponsor

Elyse Ball

First Reader

Lu-Kwang Ju

Second Reader

Edward Evans

Honors Faculty Advisor

Edward Evans

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