College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Date of Last Revision

2023-05-08 16:28:37


Electrical Engineering

Honors Course

ELEN 402-002

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2023


As society progresses into an era where both parents work, whether it is online or in person, children in the home may be put in dangerous situations if they are not given the attention they need. The BotSitter is an automated system that follows the child around and makes an audio alarm to alert both the child and the nearby guardian. Using RSSI trilateration, predetermined danger areas, and embedded controls, the BotSitter will be able to follow the child. The device can manage to keep track of the child for the guardian while being almost completely automated outside of setup.

Research Sponsor

Gregory A. Lewis

First Reader

Dr. Kye-Shin Lee

Second Reader

Dr. Hamid Bahrami

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kye-Shin Lee

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