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2023-05-08 15:53:57


Social Work

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Sr Honors Project: Social Work 001

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2023


Among college students, poor mental health is an issue that continues to progress. In this literature review, contributing factors to mental health conditions of college students are examined. These factors include financial burden and living standards, violence, substance use, pandemics, and health crises. After the initial onset of a mental illness, the risk for other negative consequences increases. Students with mental illness are less likely to graduate, more likely to develop substance use disorder, and are at an increased risk for other mental health comorbidities and suicide. As poor mental health among college students persists, more accessibility to resources is needed.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Jina Sang

First Reader

Pamela Reid

Second Reader

Heather Campbell-Wilson

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jina Sang

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Social Work Commons



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