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2023-05-06 08:07:43



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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2023


Studies have shown that HERs are involved in the progression of human cancers. Researchers have found that HER2 mutations in colorectal cancer are similar to mutations found in breast cancer. Recombinant antibodies are effective therapeutic treatments for cancers. Antibodies can also be used to determine how proteins function under normal and pathophysiological conditions while also identifying interacting partners. In this Honors Project, my aim is to investigate the effect of an oncogenic mutant of HER2. Considering the information above, the question researched in this project was: how does the S310F mutation affect the organization and function of HER2? The specific goal of this research project is to determine the effect of the HER2 mutation on EGFR activity. My approach for this project is to carry out a phosphorylation assay of EGFR in the presence of HER2 wild-type (WT) and the HER2 mutant S310F. The results of this project will be able to build off of past HER-2 research in efforts of applying it to cancer research.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Aliaksei Boika

First Reader

Dr. Chris Wesdemiotis

Second Reader

Dr. Yi Pang

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. William Donovan

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Keywords: HER2, EGFR, cancer, phosphorylation assay, antibody, fluorescence

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Biochemistry Commons



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