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Date of Last Revision

2023-05-05 09:31:22



Honors Course


Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2023


Speech delays in children is a common issue that can be treated by a wide variety of interventions. Our PICOT question is, in children, ages six months to thirteen years, with speech/language delays, how does the addition of innovative and supplemental interventions, compared with standard interventions alone, effect improvements in the delays. All three group members have known someone who has suffered from a speech delay, and we want to research the best possible methods to overcome that obstacle to answer our questions, we will begin to take on the task of creating and writing a systematic review. This review will include selecting, reviewing, and critically appraising a minimum of twenty primary, scientific and/or academic research articles on different speech interventions that have been utilized to help children overcome their speech delays. We are looking forward to going on this adventure of completing our very first official research project It is something that will be challenging but help us grow in our education and assist in making us better and well-rounded students.

Research Sponsor

Diane Lorenzen

First Reader

Laura Wyrock

Second Reader

Diane Christensen

Honors Faculty Advisor

Sheau-Huey Chiu

Proprietary and/or Confidential Information



The PDF submitted has a slightly outdated PICOT question and the number of credits changed from 5 to 4. The honors proposal was sent out two weeks prior to submission and some changes to the project have been made. Since most to the signatures were physically signed on the paper and scanned as a pdf we were not able to make any edits to the honors proposal after we obtained all the signatures.

Update as of 4/16- Our original honors faculty advisor, Dr. Graor has retired from The University of Akron, therefore, Dr. Chiu has signed our signature form as our honors faculty advisor and the change of honors faculty advisor has also been noted.



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