Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences

Date of Last Revision

2023-05-05 11:11:27



Honors Course

Honors Project in Communication

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2022


My Honors Project will bring awareness to some of the less positive aspects of homeschooling that some homeschool advocates tend to gloss over. I will plan and produce a fifteen-to-twenty-minute film that portrays a homeschooled teen as her efforts to discover the truth about her estranged sister lead her to a life-altering decision. In making this film, I wish to explore a homeschool coming-of-age story, as well as the effects that authoritarian parenting styles can have on the homeschool environment. My preproduction research will consist of the relationship between authoritarian parenting and parents’ reasons for homeschooling, the impact of the Christian homeschool movement on homeschooling in general, outcomes for LGBTQ+ homeschoolers, and film production techniques. The research will help narrow the scope of the project to a specific type of homeschooler. Since one of my limitations is a lack of money, ZTV has offered me the use of their equipment in exchange for broadcasting rights.

Research Sponsor

Juan E. Contreras

First Reader

Chris Keppler

Second Reader

Amber Ferris

Honors Faculty Advisor

Kathleen Clark



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